How to Increase Internet Speed on Android smartphone?

Who among us did not get irritated by slow mobile Internet? Fortunately, there are a number of ways how you can increase the speed of the Internet on your Android-mobile. Here are 5 tips to help you do this.


Close the applications running in the background

Ever wonder why mobile data is consumed, even when you are not using applications? Applications in the background are your real enemy. If you have 10 applications in the background, then the bandwidth of the channel is distributed among these 10 applications, thereby reducing the speed of the Internet. In order for the Internet speed to be optimal, close those applications that you do not use actively.

Use data management applications

The unstable speed of the Internet can be a serious problem when traveling or traveling. Use applications to manage data, for example, Opera Max for Android, to get a stable Internet speed. Opera Max can compress up to 50% of the data and thus halve the load time. And when watching online video, for example, on Youtube Opera Max and does compress data to 60%, so that video downloads are faster.

Uninstall unused apps

Still keep on the smartphone applications that you stopped using a week later after installing them? Unused applications also slow down your smartphone, as it takes up space in its RAM. These applications can slow down the work of other applications and your smartphone in general, which will lead to an unstable speed of the Internet during browsing.

Reduce advertising

Advertising often appears during browsing and can slow down the speed of the Internet, especially since sometimes one ad consumes more data than the entire web page. With Opera Mini, you can block ads for faster online browsing.

Choose Wi-Fi

If you do not have high-speed 3G or 4G, then it's better to use the nearest Wi-Fi point or go for a broadband connection.